Health and Safety

Childhood Allergy Safety

This course teaches parents and caregivers how to identify food allergies and safely administer an Epi-Pen. It also discusses how to introduce the top 8 allergens to infants when they begin eating solid foods and the safest procedures to follow. In addition it goes over what to do if a child has an allergic reaction who does not yet have an identified allergy and appropriate medication. Lastly, you will learn how to safely manage allergies in everyday living.
Come learn from Fiona, a registered nurse and Newborn Care Expert. Fiona graduated with her degree in biochemistry and molecular biology in 2019 and completed her bachelors in nursing at Northeastern University in 2021.

Instructor: Fiona MacWhinnie, RN

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  • Unit 1
  • The Top 8 Food Allergies
  • Handout: Allergen Tracker
  • Handout: Top Allergens
  • Unit 2
  • How & When Do Food Allergies Present Themselves?
  • Stridor Obstructed Breathing
  • Anaphylaxis Scenarios & Descriptions
  • Section 3
  • Safely Introducing Allergens to an Infant
  • LEAP Study
  • Introducing Allergens
  • Handout: Food Introduction Chart
  • Section 4
  • Taking Action & EpiPen Administration
  • Administering an EpiPen Instructional Video
  • Handout: Family Emergency Information
  • Handout: Medication Permission Form
  • Section 5
  • Safely Managing Allergies
  • Completion
  • Completion Test
  • Closing
  • Survey: Tell us your thoughts
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 3 years