Newborn Care

Advanced Newborn Care Training & Certification

You're already a certified Newborn Care Specialist or Expert. Now are you ready to take a deep dive into newborn and postpartum maternal care?
The difference between the two is that an Advanced Newborn Care Expert has received additional training in recognizing infant and maternal emergencies, along with techniques that can be applied to helping to educate new parents. This advanced certification will make you more marketable by understanding how you can best assist the newborn AND mom.

Meet Your Instructors:
-Kaitlin McCarthy is a registered nurse with years of experience as a veteran Newborn Care Specialist. She is a seasoned EMT in both the pre-hospital field and clinical hospital setting. In addition, Kaitlin is the owner of Boston CPR Partners and specializes in CPR education for medical professionals, as well as parents, teachers, and childcare staff.
-Carole Kramer Arsenault is the CEO and founder of Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny. She has years of experience working with newborns as a lactation consultant, sleep coach, and of course an RN specializing in Obstetrics and Maternal Health. You can rest assured that the information we provide strictly adheres to the guidelines and recommendations published by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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  • Welcome
  • Instructions To Use The Online Learning Platform
  • Terms of Use Agreement
  • Meet Your Instructors
  • Unit 1: Why become an Advanced Newborn Care Expert?
  • Intro To Advanced NCE Training
  • Differentiate Yourself
  • Be Prepared If You Ever Need To Call 911
  • What is an Advanced Newborn Care Expert?
  • Unit 1 Quiz
  • Unit 2: Understanding Labor & Delivery
  • The Importance of Understanding Labor & Delivery
  • What Happens Before You Arrive?
  • The 4 Stages of Labor
  • Unit 2 Quiz
  • Unit 3: Worrisome Vs. Typical Infant Signs
  • Swollen Breast Tissue
  • Blood In Diaper & Uric Acid Crystals
  • Newborn Diapering & Uric Acid Crystals
  • The Scoop on Infant Poop
  • Unit 3 Quiz
  • Unit 4: Concerning Cold Like Symptoms in Infants​
  • Caring for RSV and Croup
  • CDC Handwashing Guide
  • Unit 4 Quiz
  • Unit 5: Infant Emergencies
  • Hair Tourniquet & Poisoning
  • Respiratory Distress & Periodic Breathing
  • Newborn Periodic Breathing
  • Respiratory Distress
  • Fever, Dehydration, & Lethargy
  • Medication Permission Form
  • Lethargy & Dehydration in Infants
  • Head Trauma & Seizures
  • Vomit & Abnormal Stools
  • Infant Choking & CPR
  • Infant Choking Instructional Video
  • Infant Choking Poster
  • Infant CPR Instructional Video
  • Infant CPR Poster
  • Unit 5 Quiz
  • Unit 6: Care of the Mother
  • Maternal Care Introduction
  • What To Expect After Delivery
  • Vaginal & Cesarean Section Recovery
  • Guiding Mom Through Mastitis or Blocked Duct
  • Tips on Clearing A Blocked Milk Duct
  • Engorgement Treatments
  • Unit 6 Quiz
  • Unit 7: Maternal Emergencies
  • Maternal Bleeding & Complications
  • Postpartum Depression & Psychosis
  • Taking Care of Mama: Postpartum Support
  • Unit 7 Quiz
  • Unit 8: Offering Professional Advice
  • Positive Advice Positive Method
  • Survey: Tell us your thoughts
  • Unit 8 Quiz
  • Congratulations!
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 3 years